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I'm wondering how well Scandium frame Smith & Wessons are holding out from somebody who has had one for several years and ran a lot of rounds through it. I've .
Scandium revolvers & frame damage? . do I need to be worried about the wear on the Scandium guns? It seems pretty clear that this area is a “blast area” in S&W .
Don't Wear Socks. View Results. Home > Forum > Triathlon Forum > scandium vs titanium frames. . but then was told about Eddie Murckx's scandium frame. I'm 5.3 110 .
I think a Scandium frame would exhibit wear (stretching) on the frame rail over time. As previously exhibited, for a revolver, .
I don't know much about the Scandium J-frames, but have been looking for something for front pocket carry. I found a 340PD with a Crimson Trace.
S&W revolvers with alloy or scandium frames . I see a flakign of sorts happening where the chambered rounds come in contact with the frame. You see not only wear .
What is the point of scandium ? . So, a scandium frame is more prone to dents, . If I can't break it or wear it out, .
Scandium Ride Question How . The term "scandium frame" is a marketing fabrication used to describe an aluminum frame made from a scandium-containing aluminum alloy .
Don't see these around very often The scandium frame is awesome as it . S&W 1911PD full size scandium frame . Most of what looks like finish wear in the .
The Properties and Application of Scandium-Reinforced Aluminum Zaki Ahmad #ONVENTIONAL )NITIAL#ONDITION #OLD 2OLLED AND(EAT4REATED 9IE LD 3 TRENGTH -0 A
Scandium is a chemical element with symbol Sc and atomic number 21. A silvery-white metallic d-block element, it has historically been sometimes classified as a rare .
What are your opinions on the S&W 1911s with scandium alloy frames? I assume it is lighter than the all steel ones, . Scandium Frame S&W 1911, pros/cons?
I am in the hunt for a good quality, relatively inexpensive ti frame like the Moto fly team ti 29er frame. I saw a good deal on a voodoo scandium
The wear properties of scandium are high as it is very . The finish on the Scandium frame was worn completely through on all the corners and the gun looked like it .
Isn't an aluminum frame going to wear out sooner than a steel frame? Seems the same question would apply to polymer frames as well. Looking through.
I have heard that 1911s with aluminum frames will wear out faster than steel framed ones. What about scandium aluminum allow frames? Does anyone make.
May 17th, 2010 How to Shear Your Scandium .44 Mag Revolver in Half. There has been a trend to ever-lighter handgun frame construction, in an effort to make .
I think a Scandium frame would exhibit wear (stretching) on the frame rail over time. As previously exhibited, for a revolver, .
Find scandium frame and mountain bike frame from a vast selection of Cycling Equipment. Get great deals on !
• Lightweight scandium alloy frame for easy carry • Titanium alloy cylinder . This firearm was a DISPLAY MODEL handled by customers with some wear and cosmetic .
Add about .5% Scandium to the aluminum while it's being smelted, cool it into an ingot, pull it into tubes, miter and weld it and there you have it - a "Scandium" frame.
Kiron Scandium review £999.99 . At a feathery 1163g, the Kiron’s Scandium aluminium main frame and unusual red and black graphics really stand out from the crowd.
Generally a Scandium frame will be lighter than a titanium frame, . rigid, singlespeed), and I feel like it's going to wear me out long before I wear it out.
Scandium Frame & Carbon Fork. . But wait, I thought this was a review about the Wabi Lightning, tell us about the bike Dennis ! Ok, ok, I often digress.
Niner Niner One 9 Frame Niner One 9 Scandium Frame A single-speed 29er is a very particular beast. As bare-bones are mountain biking gets, the One 9 is not for the .
Scandium frame life span. . the wear exhibited on all three is . S&W's "Scandium" frames are an aluminum alloy that has a small percentage of Scandium as part of .
Scandium- sweet ride or poor reliabilty . reporting catastrophic failure of a scandium frame. . denied a claim on a broken frame because of "wear and .
Scandium is a rare, . U.S. gunmaker Smith & Wesson produces a small, lightweight revolver with a frame composed of scandium alloy and a titanium barrel.
Titanium is highly valued for its strength, toughness, low density and corrosion resistance, and has been highly sought after for applications in aerospace, sporting .
Looking at a 340PD that has a scandium alloy frame and a titanium cylinder. . This is not a problem for me as I expect working guns to show some wear.
I'm an owner of a Scott Genius RC 10 2004 with a scandium 2 frame. I was having a look at the 2005 and 2006 models and most of the top range bikes are
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